Kontraster i personalvården.

Ena dagen blir personalen påmind om att röra på kroppen genom uppmuntrande lappar på kaffemaskinen. Vissa blir taggade och tävlingsinstinkten märks tydligt hos en del, andra har en förmåga att slinka igenom med “bra” ursäkter...Read More

February 25, 2020 sicklinkoping

Återvinning och miljö

En av våra viktigaste tankar kring vår arbetsplats är återvinning och klimatsmart miljö. När vi hösten 2019 flyttade över till de nyrenoverade lokalerna mitt emot behövde vi uppdatera våra matsalsmöbler och köpa in fler soffor...Read More

February 5, 2020 sicklinkoping

Långt efter sommaren kommer vårt första nyhetsbrev.

October 1, 2019 sicklinkoping

The train experiment: 1500 kilometers business trip by train – possible?

I like trains as a means of transport. I also like high service level. As I travel a lot to our headquarters in southern Germany (Freiburg), the environmental consciousness has really caught up on me....Read More

May 2, 2019 sicklinkoping

SICK SensorING meeting held in Linköping

Fredrik Olsson is one out of the 20 young, ambitious SensorING trainees looking for new experiences and a deepened understanding of what SICK as a company do and what we work for. This year, he...Read More

April 17, 2019 sicklinkoping

SICK Linköping is an even Greater Place to Work

‘This is the fifth time that SICK Linköping is a Great Place to Work. The result has improved for each year and we keep on climbing even higher in the ranking. The previous time SICK...Read More

April 1, 2019 sicklinkoping

SICK Linköping – One of Sweden’s best workplaces 2019

March 28, 2019 sicklinkoping

The Exploration Continues…

At SICK in Linköping we are very proud of the “fika-culture”, where most of us spend a few minutes having some coffee, talking and sharing ideas. The topic for this post is about one of the...Read More

December 18, 2018 sicklinkoping

SICK at LINK 2018

LINK-dagarna is a career fair at Linköping University with primary focus on technology and IT. Thousands of engineering students from the Applied Physics, Computer Science and more programmes all come looking for new career opportunities, like...Read More

December 14, 2018 sicklinkoping

Robotkampen at SICK Linköping

Anyone that would have passed the SICK Linköping office spaces in Mjärdevi last Saturday would have been able to observe some fighting through the window façade – Robot fighting to be precise. This year, FIA...Read More

November 22, 2018 sicklinkoping