SICK SensorING meeting held in Linköping


Fredrik Olsson is one out of the 20 young, ambitious SensorING trainees looking for new experiences and a deepened understanding of what SICK as a company do and what we work for. This year, he is the only swede among the group of trainees. Last week the entire SensorING team got together here at the SICK office in Linköping to get an insight in what we do and how we operate. While he was here, we had the opportunity to ask him about his experiences, feelings and opinions regarding his time so far in the traineeprogram.


Fredrik describes life in the SICK SensorING trainee program as a quite exciting one. The program spans a full year and aims at connecting people as well as to deepen the participants’ knowledge in different fields and working culture, yielding a better understanding of the company in an international context.

The year is divided into different modules of 2-4 months, usually starting in with a module in your home department. Thereafter, the field is open and the modules (and the program as a whole) are tailored in discussion with your manager according to your wishes. Fredrik describes this as “where it gets really interesting”. Since SICK is an international company there are opportunities available all over the globe. Fredrik himself is just about to finish a module in Reute, Germany and after being a couple weeks in Sweden he will head off to the Stoughton office on the outskirts of Boston, USA.

In additional to the different modules, there are also four different gatherings per year, spanning two days each, which is basically the only time that the whole group is gathered together. This makes them a great opportunity to introduce the new SensorINGs since people join the program all over the year, making the total network after the program even larger. The topics for these gatherings or meetups vary and usually there are several topics during one meetup spanning from seminars, trainings and guest lectures to visits to production, customers and even foreign subsidiaries.



This is some of Fredrik own words about the previous week quarterly meeting:

“Speaking of the latter, last week we held our quarterly meeting as a visit to the Linköping office (being foreign from the perspective of the program since I am currently the only non-German participant). The purpose of the visit was to give an insight into the culture of- and the life as an employee at SICK Linköping. Further there were presentations and demonstrations of the products being developed there as well as hands-on exercises giving a full understanding of what the products actually are and what they can be used for. I was really impressed of the program which my colleagues had put together and even though Linköping is my home department, I really learned a lot.

On the weekend we held a teambuilding event in the swedish nature where we rented a cabin, cooked together, went on a hike and did a full exploration of the swedish culture with both sauna and surströmming.

Lastly, being in the program is extremely rewarding. I will be honest and say that it is even more fun than I expected. I’m continuously widening my network and I basically learn new things every day first hand from some of the best in the business. Further, I gain experience and ideas regarding culture and ways to conduct work that simply and cannot be gained through reading and explanation. There really are a vast amount of opportunities within the program and, for those willing, are there for the taking”.




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