Robotkampen at SICK Linköping


Anyone that would have passed the SICK Linköping office spaces in Mjärdevi last Saturday would have been able to observe some fighting through the window façade – Robot fighting to be precise.

This year, FIA (Föreningen för Intelligenta Autonoma System) hosted the yearly executed Robotkampen in our office in the Science Park Mjärdevi. The participants were really diverse ranging from families with kids to students. Overall there were 11 teams, with 2 to 4 members each, competing. We even had our own team representing SICK!


The whole day started with a short introduction at 8:45AM. The time from 9AM to 3PM was spend on building, programming and testing. Of course, to keep it fair, every team had the same conditions and the same kit with identical components to build their robots from.


At 3PM the real competition began. At this point, even more people showed up to support the teams and to watch the exciting matches. Overall there were roughly 70 people who partook in this great event!

IMG_2457 3

In the competition, every team had three opportunities – one for each round – to show what robot they had built and what they had ‘taught’ it. The aim for the robots was clear – reach the candle (represented by a container) and extinguish it with water (represented by a small blue lego brick). Bonus points were given for every container that was filled with a minimum of 20 bricks. Each time the robot had to be picked up (because it could not continue or fell over etc.) the responsible team would get 20 minus points. And all of that had to be done in the time frame of 2,30 min per round – not an easy task, for sure!

After those three rounds, the top two teams with the most points advanced to the final round. Then those two teams had to compete against each other, again letting their robot extinguish the flame. It was a heated neck to neck. And at first it seemed like last year’s winners, the students with the team name ‘Nålen i Hösthacken’ was about to be crowned as winners again. However, in the very last round, their robot made a mistake which turned out to be the crucial detail for everything to turn around. Therefore, team ‘Melle’ – a father-son duo won the Robotkampen 2018! Congratulations! What an exciting and fun day!