A new generation of high-speed 3D cameras – Launch of the Ranger3


SICK is taking 3D vision to the next level with the newly launched Ranger3 camera with a unique CMOS sensor and its ROCC technology. Industrial applications are calling for precise 3D measurements at faster and faster speeds in flexible production processes to further improve product quality and eliminate waste. All this is the playground of our new camera. The Ranger3 is extremely versatile and covers a wide range of applications in many branches of industry.

Let us give you an example of application. The Ranger3 can be used to measure the volume of fish or chicken fillets prior to cutting them into portions by a robot. Through the improved resolution of the camera, we can optimize the cutting pattern and minimize food waste.

The Ranger3 was developed by SICK in Linköping in close cooperation with the SICK headquarters in Germany. The result is a new generation of 3D cameras that will change the vision industry.


Ranger3 Scan of Train Wheels

Markus Weinhofer, product manager for the Ranger3, confirms the positive feedback from our pilot customers. Ranger3 is a highly innovative vision sensor, which opens up new business fields for our diverse customer group by providing reliable measurement data at speeds that were not possible before.


Markus Weinhofer, PM

To find out more about theRanger3’s diverse applications and the ROCC technology in particular click here: https://sicklinkoping.blog/2018/07/30/laser-triangulation-the-m30-imager-and-a-future-outlook/ and here https://blog.sick.com/de/en/new-generation-high-speed-3d-cameras-ranger3