A typical day of a Software Tester at SICK Linköping


8:25 Arriving at the office after the kids have been brought to school.

8:45 Stand-up meeting with my team. We are a product development team of 5 developers and me as the tester. The latest version of the platform has now been integrated with our camera and is ready for testing. Perfect, now I know what to do today! I really appreciate these short meetings, since they give me direct information about the features the developers are currently implementing. That makes it possible for me as a tester to prepare myself for the testing ahead.

9:00 Coffee time with all employees at SICK Linköping. Always an opportunity to get to know someone better, exchange informal information with other people or just laugh with some colleagues.

9:15 Time to upgrade my device with the latest build and start testing. Now I have to be a critical thinking detective, eager to learn the new features and try to find errors. I’ll have to use both information from the technical specification and my experience from supporting customers with their specific solutions.


I’m working with the InspectorP, an embedded, programmable, 2D camera. So in order to test it properly, I need to write Lua-scripts using the available API. I enjoy combining testing skills with programming skills.

When a software release is getting closer, I will have to shift into the role of a test leader in order to lead my team through the release testing. All of us will participate in the testing in order to deliver as fast as possible.


11:25 Time for lunch! Today I’ve been invited to the EAST-lunch at Collegium, where I have the chance to meet other software testers from other companies. It is always nice to build a network, share ideas and get to know other testers.

12:30 Just received a mail from one of our internal customers who has some problems with our latest software. Interesting! I’ll investigate and see if I can reproduce it.

14:10 Yes, I found the problem and I’ll mail him with a way around and report a new bug in Jira.

14:20 Continuing with the testing. Found something I don’t understand in the platform, I will need to chat with Markus, one of my colleagues down in Germany who is working with the platforms. Which reminds me, that it is time to book the next trip to Reute in Germany where I will meet some Fieldbus experts and learn more about these communication protocols.

The best with working at SICK is both the exciting cameras which can be used for so many powerful applications, and the nice colleagues who are always helpful and friendly without any prestige.